5 Years After is a fresh look at the apocalypse genre. A deeper, more intriguing story line with characters who reach out of the pages and grab you. They are defined not by their strengths. Instead, it is their weaknesses and emotions  that set them apart. In short, they are just like us and the people we know. Richard Corrells' rich, descriptive landscape and research has created a series that KSPK  Radio says "You will believe." 



 A well thought out storyline with imagery that is as startling as it is descriptive. 5 Years After does a great job of presenting a future of darkness, contrasted with sprinkles of hope and humanity. Definitely recommend this one!  ATZ.COM

  ...Rich characters.......an incredible and believable landscape .....this series has some moments that will scare the hell out of you.   - WTAE Pittsburgh 

 5 Years After by Richard Correll is a riveting and realistic depiction of how the world will be five years after the zombie apocalypse. Mr. Correll masterfully weaves the personal accounts of individuals to lend a unique and meaningful perspective on the ways in which humanity will strive to rebuild and reinvent itself after a cataclysmic event. Readers will find immense clarity and vision within each of the stories; each vignette is a poignant narrative that leaves you both stricken and hopeful. 5 Years After by Richard Correll left me hungering for more of his writing. He is a brilliant author, and I recommend this book with the highest praise.  - ZOMBIEFIEND.COM  (5 Stars out of 5) 

 ​A very well written book. Great story line - Barnes and Noble. 

 A real thrill ride............. - Kat Callaghan Z1035 Toronto​ 

A real gem, can't wait for the sequel - Gary Gamble - Jewel Radio